Power up your DS console with our guide to Nintendo DS Accessories!

When looking for Nintendo DS accessories, consider exactly what you want your console to do. Are you going to take your portable pal on the road with you? In that case, you might want to consider a carry case. There are many different types of cases for the DS and the DS lite. Most can hold accessories and games too. Incidentally, if you are travelling light, be wary of putting your DS in your trouser pockets. The DS maybe sturdy, but it might not survive being sat on. Think you won't forget it's there? Maybe not, but why run the risk? We'll be rounding up some of the best and worse DS carry cases and bags in a forthcoming article.

One accessory we do recommend everyone to consider is a screen protector. Screen protectors will prevent your DS screen from becoming scratched or damaged after extended use. Although the DS screen is robust, screen protectors are so cheap and effective that you'd be crazy not to consider buying a pair. For more information, hop on over to our screen protectors page.

How about a good pair of headphones? If you are travelling with others, they might not want to listen to your DS games for hours on end, especially if they are trying to play DS games of their own! Furthermore, by necessity the speakers in the Nintendo DS are quite small. Using headphones will give you a much better game-play experience than the tinny speakers inside the console. Fortunately, the DS uses the most common 3.5mm plug headphones that most MP3 players and portable devices use, meaning you can purchase headphones from almost anywhere.

Speaking of travelling, if you are going by car then you may wish to consider the Madcatz DS Lite Car Adaptor or the Venom In Car Charger for DS and Game Boy Advance. With plenty of cable length, these adaptors will reach easily to the passenger or back seats, allowing the kids to play on long journeys. Parents should keep in mind, however, that many individuals will suffer motion sickness if they attempt to play a videogame or perform any activity involving looking away from the windows during a journey. If you or your child experiences this, then please put the DS away for car journeys.

Lost your stylus? Don't forget that there was a spare one in the box with your console! Lost that one too? Well, don't worry, replacement styli can be purchased online or in most video game stores that sell Nintendo DS accessories. For the time being remember that almost any stylus will work with the DS or DS lite, it just wont' tuck snugly away inside your console unless it is an official one.

Finally, how about a spare charger? You could leave your spare charger at your friends or relatives house, or in a drawer at the office, so that you don't have to carry your charger with you on those regular journeys. Mains chargers can be purchased on the internet or at your local videogame store. Remember the DS and the DS Lite have different power connectors so you can't use the same charger with both types of DS.

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