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Adventure, excitement, pitfalls and perils! Gold and jewels and vanquished evils! All this and more in our new Nintendo DS RPG (role playing games) guide

Role playing games are some of the most popular titles amongst 'core' gamers, though their complicated mechanics and elaborate abstract rules can often put casual gamers off. For those that persevere however, hours of gaming and rich worlds of fantasy, magic and adventure await. Like most kinds of games, Nintendo DS RPG games are abundant. The stylus makes selecting options and equipping warriors fast and easy and the dual screen set-up is ideal for tracking stats while battling monsters.

In this round up we'll initially be looking at two DS RPG's. The titles that we'll be exploring are:-

My World My Way – This is a new RPG where players take on the role of a princess who is determined to become an adventurer. Being a spoilt princess however, she's not about to slog through dungeons or go on boring quests. Instead, she uses her pout powers to magically fix things for her. You can find out what we thought about this game by reading our review.

The World Ends With You – A role play game set in the busy shopping district in Shibuya, Tokyo. Can this real world setting make for an out of this world gaming experience? Find out in our review.

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