Choose your perfect Nintendo DS case with our handy guide. Keep your portable console safe and sound when you're on the road

There are dozens of different kinds of Nintendo DS case available for the DS and DS Lite, in all kinds of colours and designs. Some have extra storage space for games and accessories, others aim to protect your console without taking up too much storage space. When choosing a case for your DS you'll need to consider several things before parting with your money. Of course, if you don't travel far with your DS then an inside jacket pocket might be enough. For the rest of us though, finding the perfect Nintendo DS case is a must. What factors should you consider when choosing a case?


There's no point in buying a huge hold-all case if you only have a small space to store it in. Sometimes, travelling light is best, do you really need to take your entire games collection? Why not just carry the two or three game cards you're playing at the moment. Of course, if you're packing your DS for a long trip, you might want to take more.


Face it, it matters to us all. If you are going to be carrying your DS around, you want a case that looks cool. Cases come in all kinds of designs featuring many popular images from Nintendo favourites to popular cartoons.

All kinds of cute and cool DS cases are available now - Like this Hello Kitty model.

Game Carrying Capacity

So you have amassed an amazing collection of DS titles and you want to take them on the road. Unfortunately, with so many good DS games now available, even the bigger DS cases might not hold every game from your collection! However, if you are the kind of player that switches games often, you'll need a carry case that stores several game cards.

Carrying your mains charger

Do you need to carry your DS charger/AC adaptor with you? Many cases provide an extra pocket so you can do this. It does add to the weight significantly though.

If you live outside of the USA, be wary of buying or importing a US designed DS case. UK plugs, for example, are significantly bigger than the plugs used in the USA, meaning that a UK DS mains adaptor often will not fit inside a DS carry case that has been designed for the US market.

In the picture above you can see a UK power adaptor on the left and a US power adaptor on the right. Note the longer prongs on the UK model, this can prevent it fitting inside many cases.

DS or DS Lite?

It seems obvious but many people do forget, so make sure you get a Nintendo DS case that suits your model of DS. Some cases will hold both types but most are specifically designed for one or the other. Since the DS Lite is smaller than the original DS, the original DS will not fit in most DS Lite carry cases. Using a DS Lite in a DS carry case is usually possible, but the console will not fit snugly and may get damaged in transit.

The DS Lite is significantly smaller than the original DS, as you can see in the picture above (picture by CTU Kyoto).

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