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Looking for the most fun animal games and pet games on your Nintendo DS? Our new guide will show you the best out of the litter!

We all know how popular the DS has become. Thanks to its innovative touch screen design, the machine is perfect for a whole host of new games that just wouldn't work on any other console. Particularly popular are animal games. Using the stylus to interact with animals on screen is much more realistic and fun than trying to use a traditional game controller.

On this page, we'll bring you news about the latest and greatest animal games and pet games that you can get for your DS. If you dream about being a vet, or want to run your own pet shop, or simply care for the cutest puppies on the planet, your DS is ready to make all your cuddly fantasies come true. The games we'll be looking at in this round-up are:-

Tiger game
There really aren't many animals you can't meet on your DS!

Imagine Animal Doctor / Imagine Pet VetIn this game, you play the role of a newly graduated vet in her very own new surgery. You can care for lots of different animals and treat all kinds of infections. We've already reviewed this game as part of our Imagine Games round-up. You can read the review by clicking here.

Nintendogs - Nintendogs started a worldwide craze when it first landed on the DS way back in 2005. Has this canine flavoured pet simulator stood the test of time? You can find out in our review, coming soon!

My Pet ShopIn this game you get to run your very own pet shop, with the help of your mother. You can catch animals, train them, feed and clean them and also enter them into competitions. You can find out what we thought of this game by reading our My Pet Shop review.

We'll be bringing you more reviews of the best and most popular animal and pet games for your Nintendo DS in the near future. Keep checking our site and we'll let you know about the cutest and cuddliest of the DS's animal games, as well as the runts you should avoid!

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