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DS Cooking Guide - Review part 2

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Preparing the vegetables we noticed that although you can access more information on exactly how to peel an onion, nowhere does chef instruct you to wash the veggies, something we were always taught to do. It was also strange that there was extra help for preparing all the vegetables other than the tomato, but that's a minor omission. Perhaps more seriously, the guide didn't warn us not to prepare vegetables and meat on the same chopping board. Something seasoned chefs will know about but novices can all to easily forget.

We were able to follow all the steps easily up until the actual cooking part, where the guide was a little vague on the levels of heat to set. Since all ovens and hobs are different this is tricky to estimate anyway and the guide errs on the side of caution. DS Cooking Guide even provides you with a timer that can be used to time your cooking. On our stove, we found that the carrots were under-done after the recommended cooking time, so we left the pan bubbling for an extra 10 minutes.

Cooking guide dish being cooked
Bubble bubble toil and trouble?

Serving it up

What was the final dish like? Cooking Guide certainly produced a tasty meal. Even after the extra 10 minutes our carrots were still a little more crunchy than we would have liked. The rest of the dish was delicious however, very mildly spicy and just right for a winters day. It certainly inspired me to try more of the recipes in the guide. We managed to take a photograph before devouring it, have a look for yourselves:-

Cooking guide result
The final tasty dish, not bad for a novice!

Final Thoughts

DS Cooking Guide is an innovative title, well produced and well presented. The recipes included are varied and interesting. This is not an economical cookbook however, in these days of economic slowdown it's worth noting that the ingredients we needed to buy were quite expensive. Perhaps a more frugal cookbook would be more helpful for day to day cooking. Still, if you want to impress guests, or cook for a special occasion, there are more than enough tempting recipes here to warrant the purchase price. Highly recommended to DS owning chefs and cooks everywhere.


Note – since Cooking Guide is not a regular DS game, we have not given any adjusted scores. We're sure you can work out from the review if this title is of interest to you or not.

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