Everyone Plays DS

In our times, games used to be simple, physically challenging, interesting and commonly known to all. Hide-n-seek, passing the parcel, I spy, dumb charades, scrabble, and ludo were popular, to name a few.

Things have changed, people have changed and so have our means of entertainment. Now, video games are no longer only for kids, they are actually a big hit with adults too! Grown men and women are often seen purchasing Play Station, Nintendo, X-box, etc. This is because the intelligence and sophistication of these games is far superior than any other and they are made in such a way as to be appealing to a larger market.

For example, the Nintendo DS has a series of unique imagination games. These allow you to imagine being a nurse, baby sitter, doctor, pilot, designer and many similar options. This game has rekindled and revived the spirit in many who were still nurturing an unfulfilled dream in some corner of their heart.

For instance, you always wanted to become a doctor, but couldn’t because of financial constraints, so you ended up becoming an entrepreneur. Now, is your chance to live your dream through this game! As for the younger generation, it provides opportunities to practically try many skills and experience the kind of career they want to choose.

For culinary experts, there is good news! The Nintendo DS has its own cooking games and shows too! Here you can fry and Blanche, sauté and steam, and experiment to your heart’s contentment!

I was so impressed with this new gadget; I bought one for grandson on his birthday, last month. When I visited them recently, I was shocked to see my son-in-law, clad in his Sunday pajamas, sprawled on a couch, busy playing the game. I smiled to myself and thought what a great gift I had bought!

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